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Dear Parent/Carer



School Uniform


Craigie High School continues to support the highest expectations of all pupils who attend. This includes setting an expectation that all pupils wear full school uniform at all times. To this end I would ask for your support in ensuring that your child is properly dressed for attending school. As we approach the summer holidays and the start of a new session in August I would like to remind you of what can be worn to school (see overleaf). I would also encourage all pupils to wear a school blazer. Wearing a blazer with the school badge shows a pride in associating with the school and if purchased at the start of S4 and S5 (rather than waiting until S6) will provide much more value for money. A plain black blazer can be purchased from a wide range of shops and the school badge can be attached in school at a cost of £1. If you have any concerns / issues or a financial concern regarding any aspect of school uniform please contact your child’s Guidance Teacher in the first instance.


Yours sincerely


Andrena Waghorn

Head Teacher

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