Cost of the school day

To aid the reduction in The Cost of the School Day for pupils the following is occurring within Craigie High School:

Core subjects such as Health and Food Technology, Technical Subjects, Art and Design have no additional costs involved. All experiences within the classroom will be free of charge.

All trips that are educational are free of charge for pupils

Breakfast Club is available to all pupils

Clothing Grants and Free School Meals are available for pupils who meet the set criteria...


Cost of Living - Help is available (Leaflet)       Benefit rates (Leaflet)        Make sure you receive the help you are entitled to (Leaflet)


We understand times are hard. Craigie High School operates a food larder, clothing bank & hygiene bank. These are available to anyone who needs help.
(We continue to welcome donations of long-life products, tins, cereal, toiletries etc).
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