About Craigie High School

Craigie High School has been serving the communities of Craigiebank, Douglas and Mid-Craigie in the east of Dundee, Scotland for over 50 years.  Our core purpose is to raise the attainment of our pupils through high quality learning and teaching.  We provide a broad range of opportunities for wider pupil achievement and aim to ensure that all pupils achieve their potential.

We value learning in the classroom and learning at home.  We set high expectations for all our pupils in the effort they make in learning, and in attendance and behaviour.  Everything we do in our school community is based upon mutual respect for each other.


Our Values

  • R E S P E C T
  • E Q U A L I T Y
  • D E T E R M I N A T I O N
  • R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y
  • H O N E S T Y


Our Senior LeadershipTeam

  • Headteacher   Mrs A Waghorn
  • Depute Headteacher  Mrs C Thomson
  • Depute Headteacher  Mr J Gill
  • Depute Headteacher  Ms Reid
  • Depute Headteacher  Mrs S Boylen
  • Depute Headteacher Miss C Meldrum
  • Business Manager  Mrs A Mudie

Pupil Leadership Team

                  Head Pupils - Sophie Agnew & Abby Kane
                  Depute Head Pupils - Sophie Cook, Mia Grant & Shayne Humphries


Our House System
       Craigie High School operates four houses : Isla, Lomond, Nevis and Skye.



                     Depute Headteacher : Mrs Thomson     Depute Headteacher : Ms Reid              Depute Headteacher : Miss Meldrum     Depute Headteacher : Mr Gill 
                     PT Guidance : Mrs Kirk                          PT Guidance : Ms Durham                     PT Guidance : Mr Fraser                        PT Guidance : Mrs Innes