Craigie Reads

        Book reviews FOR pupils BY pupils


     They Both Die At The End

      This book is about two boys who get a call from death-cast telling them they are going to die today and they decided to spend their last days together as friends...
      I really enjoyed this book and it is definitely one of my favourite books so far… I highly recommend this to anyone!
      Reviewed by Scott McC (S4) 
                       Rated: 10/10



     The Creakers by Tom Fletcher

      Nicely illustrated pictures. Wonderful characters and story. Perfect book for every reader. Can never stop reading it.
      Reviewed by Diane M (S2) 
      Rated: 10/10



      Her Dark Wings by Melinda Salisbury

      Really enjoyed, has a consistent storyline with interesting plot points and a great twist on what a modern greek world would look like and a new take on the gods.
      Reviewed by Sophie C (S6) 
      Rated: 8/10



      The Law Killers by Alexander McGregor

      It’s a very unsettling book because I know that all those horrendous things happened here.
      Reviewed by Morgan B (S4) 
      Rated: 8/10



    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

     The book was very interesting and fun. it also had a good balance of comedy and seriousness. My only flaw with it is that the lore didn't make much sense.
      Reviewed by Oliver C (S2) 
      Rated: 7/10


      Self-Sufficency by John Seymour

     Amazing book! Very enjoyable to read and has great tips and tricks on becoming self-sufficient within it.
      Reviewed by Katie C (S5) 
      Rated: 10/10


      Solitaire by Alice Oseman

      It's a very good book with many mature themes, and it has quite a bit of representation for many different people.

      Reviewed by Lily W (S4) 
        Rated: 8/10


      The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

      This book is an excellent read as it expands on the world of the Lord of the Rings and gives a backstory for the character Bilbo Baggins.

      Reviewed by Joshua S (S4) 
        Rated: 10/10


      Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz

      Amazing, but might freak out younger kids. This book is incredible, and kept me up until midnight reading it. There are some scenes where people get shot,
        and other scenes such as a strangle, that might freak out younger kids. Great book though!

      Reviewed by Casey N (S4) 
                        Rated: 10/10


The Evil Within     The Evil Within: How Young Henry Jekyll Became Mr Hyde by Catherine Macphail

      It is interesting what happens in this book.
      Reviewed by Cara S (S2) 
      Rated: 5/10



     Mr Stink by James Dashner

      Recommended read.
      Reviewed by Janiece G (S2) 
      Rated: 9/10



     The Maze Runner by David Walliams

      It's good!
      Reviewed by Aiden A (S4) 
      Rated: 10/10