S3 Course Choice

For Parents/Carers

Students in S2 are now more than half way through their Broad General Education (BGE) at Craigie High School. This is the point at which we encourage learners to reflect on their interests and strengths, and to review their progress in learning so far. This process informs the choices students make and enables them to follow a personalised curriculum in S3.

There is a wide range of courses available in S3, some of which will be new. Details of all courses offered are provided within this booklet. It is important that students have a good understanding about all the courses offered before making choices. Students can access further information from their subject and Guidance teachers.

Our Rationale

In S3 our ambition is to have a curricular experience that;

  • That provides excellence and equity.
  • Ensures that our young people develop the skills that will lead to a sustained positive destination and a happy and fulfilled life beyond school.
  • Ensures the highest possible attainment in the Senior Phase through     depth, challenge and pupil-led learning.

What choices will learners make?

All students will now study eight courses. They will continue with English and Literacy, Maths and Numeracy, Modern Languages, Physical Education, Religious and Moral Education (RMPS) and Personal and Social Education (PSE).

They will make choices within the following curriculum areas:

  • • Science
  • • Social Subjects
  • • Expressive Arts
  • • Technologies

For session 2021/2022, Craigie High School will offer wider choice in the Broad General Education. These courses will provide a more coherent progression from the BGE into our Senior Phase. This will allow for a greater personalisation and choice.

While booklets are useful for reference, they are obviously no substitute for direct advice from teachers and our knowledgeable Guidance team. All pupils will be provided with time during their PSE lessons to discuss options and a one-to-one interview with their Guidance teacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to make subject choices. It is vital that parents and carers discuss with their young people the options available and what their individual strengths/interests are.

It is important that you make choices that interest you. For example, if you are interested in science and technology, you may wish to select courses which allow you to develop these skills in S3. Choosing a course because your friends are doing it is not a good reason for a course choice! You will make lots of new friends in S3 in addition to keeping your old friends. This is an exciting part of starting S3.

It is also important that you know what the subject entry requirements are if you are considering a specific career choice and/or University entrance. The school library has information about all the Scottish Universities and Colleges, but you can also research online. We would also advise you to make use of the SDS Career advice available in school.


                                                                        S3 Course choice form                      View subject course descriptors here