Parent Teacher Association

Craigie High School PTA is a sub group of the Parent Council. We have a very successful PTA at Craigie High School and our main aim is to raise funds for the school to help all the children with additional learning opportunities/events and make our school a nicer place to learn.

Our activities have included a bag pack at Sainsbury’s, Bingo evening and  Family Quiz event at Craigie Bank Church Hall and Raffle nights at parents evenings. Over the past few years we have donated £1,000.00 towards new lockers, £100.00 has gone towards costs of the 6th year dance and £50.00 towards ‘Word of the Week’ trophy.

We have a very good relationship with the teachers in the school. An SMT member attends all our meetings and we receive support from many other teachers. We are always looking for new parents to support our work.

The PTA have one meeting per term, which usually takes place in the evenings at the school, they last about an hour. We welcome any parents or staff to attend our meeting and help towards our goal.