Mobile Phones Guideline on misuse of camera and video phones in schools


All Dundee City Council schools work to citywide guidelines on the misuse of camera and video phones in school. 


• The misue of mobile phones during class time can have a negative effect on learning and teaching.

• If brought into school, mobile phones must be switched off and out of sight during lessons unless pupils are instructed to use their phones by their teacher to support learning. 

• Our staff will not take responsibility for the security of phones that are brought into school. 

• We will not tolerate any form of bullying by the use of videoing by a phone or by text message. 

• Where it is suspected that a crime has been committed by the use of a phone Police Scotland will be contacted.


Particular attention will be given to enforcing the guidelines in areas like toilets, swimming pools and changing rooms. Any misuse in these areas will be considered a particular serious breath. Breaches of the guidelines may lead to the confiscation of equipment, communication with parents and sanctions including exclusion. 


Parents/carers are asked to support the guidelines by ensuring that their child does not send or receive calls/texts during class time. Any confiscated equipment will normally be returned at the end of the school day. In certain cases involving repeated misuse, parents may be requested to come to school to collect the phone. 

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