Art and Design

Principal Teacher
Mrs K Flood

Department Staff
Mr A Hope
Ms L Nicoll

Our Vision

Working together to provide a nurturing environment which encourages learners to openly explore their creativity and reach their full potential.


The Art and Design department aims to encourage pupils from all backgrounds and of all abilities to engage in the subject through a variety of learning opportunities and activities.  We encourage pupils to develop their confidence and skills in investigation and experimentation, to develop ideas through handling and manipulating materials, media, tools and technologies.


S1 – S3  Broad General Education
Following national guidelines S1-3 will offer young people progression in their learning in a context provided by all the national experiences and
outcomes up to the Third Level, and, for some Fourth Level.  From this pupils will progress to National 3, 4 (General Standard Grade equivalent) and National 5 (Credit Standard Grade equivalent).  

Pupils entering S3 will follow a broad, general Art and Design course in S3 – working towards either National 3, 4 or National 5 in S4.

A good drawing ability will be an advantage, but a willingness to fully participate in all aspects of the course is essential if the pupil is to gain maximum benefit from the subject.  Dependent on the pupils' progress in S3; pupils will study either National 3, 4 or National 5 in S4.  Both courses follow a similar structure, however there is a written exam at the end of the National 5 course.

National 4/National 5
These Art and Design courses are designed to help learners develop their knowledge of Art and Design practice, developed during S1 to S3 and to integrate and apply this understanding in a variety of practical learning activities. In these courses, learners will develop their imaginative ideas in both expressive and design contexts. They will use a range of Art and Design media, materials, techniques and/or technologies experimentally for creative effect, with confidence and assurance when developing their own ideas and creative work. 

In both courses, learners will be able to exercise imagination and creativity as they communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas through the work they produce.

Higher/ Advanced Higher
These courses provide in depth opportunities to select and develop, through practical activity, a visual study reflecting personal interests and strengths; to promote knowledge and understanding, skills of media handling and communication of ideas and feelings through production of high quality artwork. There are maximum opportunities for portfolio production.

CFE Art & Design National Courses


Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. University of Dundee


Dundee is a vibrant and dynamic city with a strong cultural identity and a history of innovation and creativity. We feel very lucky to have DJCAD, one of the top art schools in the UK here and excited that Dundee is in the midst of a £1 Billion redevelopment of its waterfront. Including the V&A Museum Of Design Dundee, due to open in 2018!

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