Principal Teacher
Mrs J MacKay

Department Staff
Mrs H Brown
Ms M Foster
Ms L Innes


Mr R Nicoll (Percussion)
Mrs K Hamilton (Woodwind)
Mr K Murphy (Brass)
Mr D Potter (Bagpipes)
Mr C Sinclair (Guitar)
Mr S Sneddon (Piano)
Mr J Tribble (Lower strings)


Our Vision

The Music and Drama department is committed to delivering range of courses which are pupil centred, offer a degree of personalisation and choice, and most importantly are stimulating and engaging. We prioritise getting to know young people as individuals so that effective and appropriate teaching and learning strategies can be applied. We believe in developing confidence in young people, not only through the performing arts, but also holistically as our subjects rely heavily on the development of health and wellbeing and interpersonal skills.

Our learning and teaching practices are underpinned by a consistent range of assessment approaches, which are carefully selected with the task and learning stage taken into account. All assessment procedures follow whole school and national QA guidelines.

Course Information

S1: Two periods per week, focusing on a range of practical, composition and listening activities, while developing transferable skills for work and leisure in preparation for the future.

S2: 1 period per week – build performing, listening and composition skills acquired in S1 with focus on a range of musical styles, such as pop and rock music, musicals and Scottish music.

S3: Continuing with three periods a week in broad general education, pupils will focus on the development of their performance and composition skills, whilst gaining deeper knowledge of a wide range of music styles. The S3 experience in Music provides pupils with the perfect foundation for choosing Music in S4.

S4/5/6: Offers a wide range of courses, including Nat 3, 4, 5 and Higher to accommodate pupils with a range of abilities, as well as helping to prepare pupils for future Higher Education decisions.