Principal Teacher
Mrs J MacKay

Department Staff
Mrs H Brown
Mr R Kirk

Mr R Nicoll (Percussion)
Mrs K Hamilton (Woodwind)
Mr K Murphy (Brass)
Mr D Potter (Bagpipes)
Mr C Sinclair (Guitar)
Mr S Sneddon (Piano)
Mr J Tribble (Lower strings)

Music ia a dynamic practical subject, using diverse skills and resources to engage pupils with their own learning, and their quest for achievement.

Course Information

S1: Two periods per week, focusing on a range of practical, composition and listening activities, while developing transferable skills for work and leisure in preparation for the future.

S2: 1 period per week – build performing, listening and composition skills acquired in S1 with focus on a range of musical styles, such as pop and rock music, musicals and Scottish music.

S3: Continuing with three periods a week in broad general education, pupils will focus on the development of their performance and composition skills, whilst gaining deeper knowledge of a wide range of music styles. The S3 experience in Music provides pupils with the perfect foundation for choosing Music in S4.

S4/5/6: Offers a wide range of courses, including Nat 3, 4, 5 and Higher to accommodate pupils with a range of abilities, as well as helping to prepare pupils for future Higher Education decisions.