Modern Languages

Principal Teacher
Mr. M. Johnston

Department Staff
Mrs S Innes (PT Guidance)


Our Vision

To create and sustain a safe, inclusive and high-quality learning & teaching environment which enables all learners to reach their potential.


We are pleased to welcome you to the Modern Languages Department. The department aims to enable pupils to improve their self-confidence and communication skills as well as appreciate other countries and cultures.  Pupils have the opportunity to study French at an appropriate level to help them to broaden their horizons and become global citizens.


Course Information

Our department offers the following courses:


S1-S3: Broad General Education

S1 – S3: Pupils cover a range of topics e.g. self & family, home area, holidays. The emphasis is on developing all four skill areas (listening & talking, reading, writing) through a range of activities. Pupils are encouraged to work with others to develop their interpersonal skills. Use is made of ICT to support them in their learning


Senior Phase

In the senior phase pupils have the following options:

Courses are offered at National 3 and above – a level is set after discussion with the class teacher and pupils’ progress is monitored and tracked with this level in mind. The department also offers the Modern Languages for Life and Work Award to pupils who would rather focus on the vocational aspect of learning a language and on building their employability skills.


Supported Study is available and takes place during a lunchtime agreed by the pupils and teacher.