Principal Teacher
Ms C Elder
Department Staff
Miss A Robertson

Our Vision

In the Biology department, we take pride in developing outstanding teaching and learning. We know our pupils well and challenge them to strive for the highest academic, personal and creative achievement within our curriculum.

Our pupils are praised for hard work, determination and demonstrating a positive attitude to learning. We encourage our pupils to take ownership and responsibility for their learning.

High quality teaching is a priority and the relationship between pupils and staff underpins inspirational, supportive and effective teaching and learning.  Every pupil and every teacher is expected to show respect and consideration for themselves and others at all times.

We foster an inclusive environment and aim to instil in all our pupils a lifelong love for learning, self- belief, and resilience that will give them a strong grounding for future success.


You will find the Biology Department on the lower floor where we have 4 Science and Biology laboratories.

We teach Biology at five different levels – Advanced Higher, Higher Human and National 3,4 and 5 Biology.

The third year course equips pupils with the skills and knowledge required to allow them to make progress through the levels as they move up the school.

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