Support for Learning

Principal Teacher                                                           Click here to read our vision statement
Mrs E Smith  


Support for Learning Teachers
Mr S Barclay
Mr R Cormack
Ms P Gavine
Ms K MacKay 
Mrs C van Geete

Enhanced Support Area (ESA)
Mr M Duffy
Ms K Liddell
Mrs S Gasparini
Mrs J Robertson
Ms S Savage

Senior Learning & Care Practitioner
Ms N Reilly     

Miss L Bow 
Ms V Brand     
Ms L Culley
Ms K Elwood
Ms A Ingram
Ms A Kellock 
L McDowell
Ms L Milne
Ms V Ritchie

Pupil Support Workers
Mr C MacGregor
Miss K Walsh


The Support for Learning Department in Craigie High School:

  • Celebrates diversity and strives to ensure equity for all.
  • Works in conjunction with young people, staff, parents/carers and external professionals to meet the needs of all pupils to offer a pupil centred approach to learning.
  • Strives to overcome barriers to learning, leading to a positive, nurturing and inclusive learning environment.
  • Supports pupils to have an engaging learning experience in school and effectively plans for positive post school  destinations.

The department provides:

  • A key member of teaching staff for each child with additional support needs.
  • Intensive support for targeted groups, with Support for Learning teachers and Learning and Care Assistants attending main stream classes to provide support.
  • Regular reviews of learning plans and target setting with pupils.
  • Targeted curriculum delivered by a Support for Learning teacher or Pupil Support Worker.
  • One to one support for health and wellbeing.
  • Restorative techniques for young people.